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Cătălin Bădărău (b. 1981, Adjud, Romania)

Lives and works in Bucharest

"The adage that art imitates life applies here: ’to give you an example, at the age of sixteen I dropped out of school and I illegally crossed two borders in order to work abroad,’ Bădărău explains, ’when I was abroad I had to be as invisible as possible, to look for a job and to work illegally, to stay hidden, an individual without identity, non-existent to the rest of society and any social protection system.’ The artist’s work evokes this isolation and despair.

Bădărău’s arena is that of the body. His work is a constant, hard-hitting reminder of our fallibility as humans and the pain we are able to inflict on one another."


                                     Excerpt from 100 Sculptors of Tomorrow / Courtesy of Kurt Beers (Beers London Gallery 2019)



Studied PhD Fine Art, National University of Arts, Bucharest

Master's Degree in Sculpture, National University of Arts, Bucharest

Bachelor's Degree in Sculpture, National University of Arts, Bucharest





"12 Years After, A Survey of Romanian Art", group show, The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Bucharest

"PULS20", group show, Kunsthalle Bega, Timișoara


“See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me”, solo show, curated by Ana Negoiță, Mobius Gallery in partnership with Mogosoaia Cultural Institute, Mogosoaia Palace, Bucharest

“Brain fog”, group show, Laborna Gallery, Bucharest



“Depersonalization”, solo show, The anti-communist resistance and repression memorial in Bihor County, Nasui Collection and Gallery, Oradea, Romania

“Eye to I”, group show, Mobius Gallery, Bucharest



 “Depersonalization”, solo show, Piteşti Prison Memorial, Nasui Collection and Gallery, Pitesti, Romania

“The Other”, duo show, Galerie#23, Velbert, Germany



“Perpetuum Violence”, solo show, curated by Cosmin Năsui,  Nasui Collection and Gallery, Bucharest

“Uprooted”, group show, Nasui Collection and Gallery, Romanian Cultural and Humanistic Research, Venice, Italy

“Perpetuum Violence”, solo show, Galerie#23, Langerberg, Germany

“Ethnic Minorities in Visual Culture”, group show, Nasui Collection and Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgium


2015                                ,

“Derail”, solo show, Funnel Gallery, Bucharest

“Human against life”, group show, Turnătoria Hall, Bucharest

“Contemporary Istanbul”, Nasui Collection and Gallery, Turkey



“Wo bist du  Nur nichts ist da", group show, Galerie#23, Langenberg, Germany

“Unarte 150 years”, group show, Dalles Hall, Bucharest




“Group show”,  Glurns Art Point, Glurns, Italy

“One”, group show, Una Gallery, Bucharest



“Turbohalle”, group show, Alternative Cultural Center, Bucharest



“Trans-realities”, group show, curated by Petru Lucaci, Oudin Espace Contemporaine Gallery, Paris, France

“Interference Danube”, group show, Art Museum of Drobeta Turnu Severin



“Touches and signs”, group show, Brâncuși Hall, Parliament House, Bucharest

“Identities”, group show, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest



“Humanization”, solo show, Galateea Gallery, Bucharest

"Aegyssus", group show, Una Gallery, Bucharest



“Gheorghe Pătrașcu Biennial”, group show, National Museum of Târgoviște, Romania



“Depersonalization”, solo show, National Art Gallery of Hunedoara, Romania

“Art juicy”, group show, curated by Aurelia Mocanu, Bucharest

“Jubirely”, group show, curated by Aurelia Mocanu, Una Gallery, Bucharest



Group show, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest




“Youth award”,  offered by Union of Visual Artists of Romania for “Perpetuum Violence” exhibition, Bucharest (2017)

“Matei Brancoveanu  award”, offered by Alexandrion Foundation for “Perpetuum Violence” exhibition, Bucharest (2016)

“Prize for Sculpture”, Arts in Bucharest, sixth edition, within the exhibition “Human against life” (2015)

“Youth award” offered National University of Arts in Bucharest, Sculpture Departament (2007)

“Prize for Sculpture”  "Primavera Young Artists", Bucharest (2004)




“100 Sculptors of Tomorrow”,authored by Kurt Beers, published by Thames & Hudson, (pages 42-45)

 ISBN: 9780500021477 (2019)

“Uprooted/ Aurel Vlad, Cătălin Bădărău feat Napoleon Tiron”, Cosmin Năsui, Post Modernism Museum Publishing House Bucharest, ISBN: 978-606- 93751-3-6 (2016)

“Ethnic Minorities in Visual Culture, focus Romania”, Cosmin Năsui, Post Modernism Museum Publishing House Bucharest ISBN: 978-606-93751-2-9 (2016)

“Human agaist life”, Arts in Bucharest”, Sixth Edition, Unarte Publishing House, Bucharest, ISBN: 978-606-720-043-0 (2015) ”Aesthetica Magazine”, ”Overview: 10th Edition of Contemporrary Istanbul 2015” (article within Contemporary Istanbul Art fair 2015) 

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